Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010

Another year down. Let's recap:
  • The birth of Reed Samuel on May 28th.
  • A trip to Florida over Thanksgiving with Andrea's family
  • Babbage Technology's fourth anniversary, including a trip to Benihana and some new projects
  • Andrea's and my fifth wedding anniversary and ninth anniversary of being together
  • Five years in our house
  • Jacob's second birthday
  • I took one class at SCSU
In 2010, we're looking forward to:
  • Josh & Becca's wedding
  • A trip to Michigan for Jacek & Charlene's wedding (and a chance to see some of my extended family)
  • Reed learning to crawl and walk
  • Andrea's ten year anniversary on the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department
Andrea took this picture of Jacob today at lunch. He was eating a PB&J sandwich and decided he wanted to "eat with [his] nose."

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