Friday, January 14, 2011

The full raspberry jam experience

I didn't really bother to do my New Year post, as I did an update a month ago that covered stuff we've done in the last year. My resolution for the year could be to do more updates to the website, except I don't really do the resolution thing.

This last Tuesday, I started classes at SCSU again -- two psychology classes following the two I had last semester. Luckily, Ryan and I recently finished a major version of QuickDiag, so that will free up some of my time.

Andrea's back to work again. She's at Becker today and has been there as well as St. Michael recently. She's very enthused about teaching and has been working her butt off to become even better than she was before.

This picture of Reed is from Wednesday morning. I got him some raspberry jam toast, which he apparently prefers to eat from the middle out rather than starting on the edges. This poses a minor problem, you see (for me and Andrea, anyway), because he tends to get jam everywhere except in his mouth. It sure is cute -- and strangely familiar -- though.

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