Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At home, sick

Reed seems to have come down with the flu (or something like it). He stayed home yesterday from daycare, and just to be safe, he's home again today. Andrea's at home with both boys since we don't want Jacob bringing whatever Reed has to daycare.

Jake is at preschool right now, and Andrea got Reed some water to play with. Both boys really like to play with water, pouring it from one container to another and back again.

Things are fairly quiet at our house otherwise. Aaron and Elissa were over this Saturday evening for a few games of Dominion, and we also had our February birthday party at Doug and Sarah's house Saturday morning/afternoon. (Sarah, Josh and I all have February birthdays.)

I was also able to recruit Josh to help me bottle our latest batch of mead. I neglected to add potassium sorbate to step renewed fermentation, but I think we may actually be okay. The first batch we did (for Josh & Becca's wedding) was extremely sweet mead and was only in the carboy for a month or so; this batch has been fermenting probably two additional months, so I think it has dried out a bit. Any renewed fermentation in the bottle will have less sugar for the yeast to consume. That's the plan, anyway. Besides, we didn't add any priming sugar, so I expect the end result will be pretty flat.

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