Sunday, March 27, 2011

A morning spent at the zoo

Today we went to the Minnesota Zoo with Josh and Becca, and the boys loved it!  We met up with the Gads and walked around the place checking out pretty much everything. One of the boys' favorite things was the ramp+railing leading into (or out of) the little picnic area:

One of the first areas we were in had a cool little cave through which the boys could walk and see some of the exhibits. Jacob was really happy to play around in there:

There was also this very neat aquarium with a little cove the kids could enter, and they could look up at the fish:

They were very well-behaved up until 1:00 or so when we left, then they both zonked out in the car. Jacob and I stopped by REI in Bloomington and picked up some new sunglasses for him, which he really enjoyed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your glasses look like beer

Yesterday was fun. Due to the heavy snow, St. Cloud schools were all closed, so Andrea stayed home. She figured it would be best if I not bring the kids to St. Cloud and they stay at home with her. I got to work fairly early, had a productive day and took off at 4:00. When I got home, Jacob and I went out behind the house and went sledding for 20 minutes or so. After that, we went inside and the boys and I played in the living room for a while before I left for racquetball with Aaron -- which was awesome, by the way.

This morning, I brought the boys to daycare. Reed saw Andrea's sunglasses and really wanted to wear them, so I let him:

We didn't have any other sunglasses in the car, and Jake wanted to wear a pair also, so I gave him mine:
My sunglasses are polarized and copper tinted. Jake put them on, looked around a bit and said, "your glasses look like beer." I am so proud.

Andrea and I are planning on taking both of the boys sledding tonight over by Huber St. for a while after work. If I can, I'm going to get a few pictures of that and see how that goes. One of these days I need to get a microSD card for my helmet cam so I can get some nice action shots.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A nice little Sunday morning

Last night was supposed to be a poker evening at Aaron and Elissa's place, but too many people canceled. Instead, we ended up playing Dominion until about 12:30am. That was awesome, except we still had to get up reasonably early this morning, so I'm beat. That doesn't bode well for me tonight: I have a ton of studying to do for my Tuesday test.

We went to church this morning then stopped by AutoZone to get a new headlight for my Outback. Since we were right by Panera, we thought we'd stop by to get a late morning snack with the boys. Reed and Jacob each got a blueberry muffin (though Jacob wanted pretty much everything he saw). They were both really well-behaved and had great manners, though when it was time to leave, Jacob wasn't too keen on it.

Andrea had a baby shower to go to this afternoon, so I took the boys over to my parents' place for a while. I was able to study for about ten minutes total; Jake kept insisting that I make him more paper airplanes or fix the ones he had that unfolded. Andrea came out after the baby shower, we had dinner together and stayed for a little while afterward, then went home. She's got her first day of work tomorrow and personal training, so I've got the boys and have to figure out when I can study.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I got the JOB!

I started this new year with three resolutions: 1. Read the Bible 2. Run a 10K 3. Get a real, grownup, full-time job. I am on week 13 of my Bible study plan and going strong. I am signed up for the Earth Day Half Marathon Relay. And I am happy to say, that I was offered a job this afternoon. Check, check and check!

I will be spending my mornings co-teaching first grade (reading and math) and the afternoons working with small groups and individuals as a Title I teacher. My exciting new adventure will take place in the St. Cloud School District at Discovery Elementary. I am beyond thrilled! I start this Monday and will finish the school year. I hope that I can dazzle them enough to earn a full time position next year. I will tell about my exciting first week...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stitches follow-up

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about Reed's stitches: He's doing fine, though he doesn't like to have a band-aid on his lip.

Which reminds me. Part of the reason why we opted for stitches over just gluing his lip is that he has gotten into biting his lower lip (almost like a nervous twitch). That would just re-open the cut, so we had to go with something stronger. He's got an appointment on Friday to have the stitches taken out.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that he did not cut all the way through the lip. When he hit the bench, his teeth cut the inside of his lip, but the outside just split from the impact. Whew.

Here he is not eating his dinner, but playing with his crown and sort of showing Daddy his lip.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another first: stitches

Tomorrow is Toby's birthday (and, of course, Pi Day), so today was his birthday party over at Abe and Krista's house. The boys had plenty of fun with Toby and another boy from daycare, but they didn't get much of a nap in. Well, no nap. We took off around 2:30 from their place and got home.

Meanwhile, my mom is in Madison visiting Nate and Lonnea and my dad has been working long hours for the outage at the plant. So he decided to come over to our place this afternoon to see the boys. He was here for maybe an hour or an hour and a half. Jacob and Reed were having a great time with Grandpa Sam, but running on only a few bites of ice cream for lunch, no nap, and the excitement of Grandpa being here, Reed was getting a little clumsy, which is where the real fun begins.

We have this bench in the living room that Reed was running next to, and when he went to give Grandpa Sam a hug, he tripped and hit his lower lip/jaw on the bench - very hard. So hard that we thought his teeth cut through the lip completely (as the inside AND outside were both exposed as being cut). We drove him to the ER, though he fell asleep immediately after we hit the road. He slept all through the approximately hour-long waiting room wait and woke up around when we got to the ER room. They checked out his lip, had the doctor come in, and he told us Reed should really have three stitches to keep it together. So after another ~45 minutes, they finally came back, shot him with some Novocain (which Reed did not like one bit), gave him three stitches (which he hated only slightly less) and cleaned him up.

We went back to Clearwater to pick up Jacob (who was at Doug and Sarah's place), then went home. By this time, Reed was back to his chipper self. He even was playing hard-to-get when I tried to get him ready for bed.

And I was just thinking the other day that we haven't been to the ER in a while. That'll teach me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long-term project: Growing flowers

The American Cancer Society is having their Daffodil Days fundraiser, and my work bought some for everyone in the office. Yesterday, I brought several of them home (as they're going to wilt all alone at the office over the weekend), and the kids love them. Jake's been smelling them and Reed likes to carry a vase around the living room.

Late this morning, the boys got a bit too rowdy, so rather than send them downstairs, I decided we would start a project: using some of our leftover grass seed from the front yard, we'd grow some grass in a cup and check it every day to see how it's progressing. When I got all the supplies in the house, Andrea suggested we use some of the wildflower seeds from Josh and Becca's wedding. (She wasn't terribly thrilled about me bringing a big bag of topsoil into the kitchen, but it worked out okay.)

Jacob was really excited to plant and water the seeds. Reed was more interested in seeing how they tasted. We made four plastic cups -- one for each of us. They're sitting on our windowsill above the stairs, hopefully starting to grow. In a few years, when the kids are old enough to know not to touch them, we may be able to put them in a sunnier spot like the living room. In the meantime, we'll be checking our flowers every day, and I'll try to keep taking pictures.