Sunday, March 27, 2011

A morning spent at the zoo

Today we went to the Minnesota Zoo with Josh and Becca, and the boys loved it!  We met up with the Gads and walked around the place checking out pretty much everything. One of the boys' favorite things was the ramp+railing leading into (or out of) the little picnic area:

One of the first areas we were in had a cool little cave through which the boys could walk and see some of the exhibits. Jacob was really happy to play around in there:

There was also this very neat aquarium with a little cove the kids could enter, and they could look up at the fish:

They were very well-behaved up until 1:00 or so when we left, then they both zonked out in the car. Jacob and I stopped by REI in Bloomington and picked up some new sunglasses for him, which he really enjoyed.

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