Friday, April 1, 2011

Sick days can be fun, too

Last night, we took the boys to the clinic, as Jacob had a slight fever and I've been feeling lousy. It turned out my suspicion that I had strep was correct, and Jacob also tested positive. The doctor gave us all a prescription for an antibiotic, and we had to keep the boys home from daycare since they haven't started treatment.

Today, therefore, turned out to be a sick day for me. Because Walgreens couldn't get our prescription ready at 10pm last night, we came into town this morning to get it. It still took about a half hour for them to get it squared away, so after 20+ minutes driving into town, 30+ minutes waiting for them to get us our prescription, and a 20+ minute drive home ahead of us, I figured a little detour to ING Cafe would be fun. The boys really wanted this raspberry-filled chocolate-covered Bismarck, which turned out to be freaking delicious.

Oh yeah, and Reed brought in his cow, which oversaw the fair distribution of the Bismarck, as seen below:

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