Monday, June 6, 2011

More relaxing than being at work

I recently made my own hammock for use on my hiking trips (using info from Just Jeff's Homemade Hammocks). While it was really pretty cheap and easy to do ($20 or so for the ripstop nylon and a few bucks more for chain links and biners), I can't say it was terribly comfortable when Luke and I went to the Superior Hiking Trail. (Not to mention the whipping nearly came off one night. Had that happened, I would have been rather abruptly woken from my sleep by crashing into the ground.)

I debated what I should do for my hiking trips -- keep the homemade, revert to a tent, or buy a nicer one? I opted for getting myself an ENO DoubleNest from REI. (They happened to have a pretty killer deal, and with free shipping, I got my DN for $41.) So today, on my day off, Andrea and I went to Riverside Park so we could try out the new ENO. Unfortunately, it's the start of some seriously hot weather -- over 95 degrees and humid. Luckily, however, Riverside has a ton of mature trees that can both support my weight without a problem and provide me with some awesome shade. So I had an opportunity to read in my book for a while...

Until I handed over possession of the hammock to Andrea so she could nap.

While we did go out on Saturday for dinner, this was something of a celebration of our seventh wedding anniversary: a day for the two of us to hang out and enjoy the outdoors (even if it was nearly 100 degrees).

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