Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unagi and philly rolls

We went out last night with Aaron and Elissa and Abe and Krista to Fuji Steakhouse for sushi and drinks. Andrea and I have been there once before, by ourselves, for hibachi, and we really enjoyed it. This was a real treat. Learning more about sushi (and learning to like it) is something I've been interested in for a while. For our first sushi excursion, I tried unagi (freshwater eel) and some Philly rolls (smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocados wrapped in seaweed and rice). Afterward, the Ballmans headed over for some Dominion and a few drinks.

Speaking of which: for my birthday, my parents bought me the Dominion base pack, and Andrea and the boys told me to buy an expansion pack for myself, which I finally did last week. Dominion: Cornucopia arrived today, so I'm jazzed to bust that open and see how it is.

I realized earlier today that I still haven't uploaded any photos of Reed with his new glasses, so here are a few photos I took last week or so when the boys were helping me with some landscaping. We moved our rain barrel to the side of the house and started putting some blocks up so there's a platform for it.

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