Monday, July 11, 2011

Why do trees exist in this world?

Jacob has the best philosophical questions. He asked me that one yesterday as we were driving to Doug and Sarah's house to get Reed's glasses fixed. I'm wholly unprepared to answer questions like that without diving headlong into evolution, competition for resources (eg, sunlight), and so on. That's precisely what I tried to do despite the fact that a four-year-old won't understand what I'm talking about. About twenty seconds into my response, he said, "Is it because they like to grow?" That's a pretty good answer, I think.

Jacob: 1. Daddy: 0.

It's a good thing Mandy isn't here to ask me to describe gravity.

This weekend wasn't particularly eventful. It was actually scheduled as one of our "lazy weekends." A few months ago, Andrea and I started going over our calendar for the summer. First, my eyes started glazing over as I tried to take in everything. She knew she had to stop when I broke out in a cold sweat thinking about everything that was happening. Thankfully, she had mercy on me, and we setup a few weekends where we agreed we wouldn't plan anything, and I could get a reprieve from the madness.

How did our lazy weekend play out? Well, Andrea took the boys to Little Falls to pick up her cousin, Alyssa, from horse camp. That gave me some time to work on some programming for Babbage. That evening, the four of us plus Alyssa had some homemade Oreo Blizzards. Reed especially liked his:

Ice cream doesn't stand a chance with this one
My parents got back from the cabin yesterday and brought his glasses back. (We forgot them up there when we went the previous weekend.)

I also finally got around to watching a movie I borrowed from Abe: V For Vendetta. I really enjoyed it. Afterward, I started a new book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Game Theory.

Speaking of books, I recently read two that I liked. The first is The Razor's Edge by M. Somerset Maugham. It's a story (apparently true) about a former WWI pilot who becomes disenfranchised with the typical American Dream of achieving wealth and status. It wasn't a particularly dramatic or surprising book, but I liked it nonetheless.

The other book I just read was Only Pack What You Can Carry by Janice Holly Booth, the former CEO of a North Carolina Girl Scout chapter. This was something of a motivational, overcome-your-fears, don't-fear-change kind of book, which I happened to read at a time when I was particularly troubled about major life changes. It was a quick read -- about 190 pages or so

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