Sunday, August 21, 2011

August is a month of firsts

The last month has been full of exciting things. Luke's bachelor party started off (two weeks ago) with skydiving, and I was even able to capture a video. We climbed to 10 000 feet over the course of about 15 minutes, then I jumped, had 45 seconds or so of free fall then had a few minutes of gently falling back to terra firma. We jumped with a company in Superior called Skydive Superior. Surprisingly, I never felt scared or anxious about it. It was an amazing experience, and I hope to do it again this year with Andrea and my dad and brother.

After Luke's bachelor party, I headed west to Longville where I met up with the Nieters family for our camping trip at Long Birch Lodge. We spent the next week hanging out at the cabin Doug and Sarah rented; going on the boats, kayaks and canoes; having bonfires; and even playing Dominion. The boys tended to be a little wild at bedtime, but we all had fun.

On our way home, we decided to hit up my parents' cabin, and we stayed there all day. The cabin next door is owned by an extended family with plenty of younger kids, and Jacob and Reed love going over there to play. We spent some time visiting with the adults and decided to go out on the boat -- which is where I had another first: waterskiing. Despite being almost 30, I've never tried it before. The first time around, I didn't have my right ski tight, and as I was starting to get up, it came off. The second time around, however, I got up and stayed up for a while. I still don't have it down, but it was fun nonetheless, and I'll try it again next time I get the opportunity.

The boys were extremely overtired and out of their element, so even though we had hoped to stay overnight, we came home late Saturday. Sunday gave us time to unpack from being gone a week, but it ended up snowballing from there and we worked relentlessly all day, done thing like washing and waxing the cars, changing the oil on both, and some other projects that had piled up.

Fast-forward to this weekend. My first for the third week in a row is motorcycling. In fact, I just finished the MSF Basic course today and will go get my endorsement tomorrow, though I don't know if and when I'll actually get a bike.

We also went to the rodeo yesterday with Aaron and Elissa. The boys loved watching all the different events. I was a real party-pooper though, as I was so tired and not at all in the let's-go-out-and-have-a-good-time mood.

Next weekend we'll be heading to Madison with my parents to visit Nate and Lonnea. In the meantime, I'll probably hold off on doing any more firsts. I'll wait a while before I get a tattoo -- maybe when I join a biker gang.

This is all very tiring.

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