Monday, September 12, 2011

I'll tell you one thing: it's always better when we're together

We spent this weekend in Tofte, MN, at Bluefin Bay for Luke and Shannon's wedding, leaving the kids at Doug & Sarah's place while we partied. The order and nature of the events was pretty typical for weddings (rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday; pre-ceremony events, beautiful ceremony, reception, etc.). There were a few things of note for Luke and Shannon's wedding that we'll remember for years to come.

First off, at the reception, the now-married couple had a photo booth -- an awesome idea that I had never heard about or considered before. For every set of pictures taken, two printouts were made: one for the subjects and one for a book the Kackmans get to keep. I actually really like how the pictures of me and Andrea turned out. The middle picture of that set is our 'surprised' (shocked? appalled?) look. After we took those, Andrea pulled Mom into the booth and did pretty much the same surprised shot. Luke's and my photos (on the right) were something to the effect of: morose, meh, and contemplative.

A few weeks ago, Luke asked me if -- before the wedding, while the bridesmaids and groomsmen/ushers were getting ready -- I would drive from Tofte to Grand Marais to pick up sandwich platters. The plan was to have one platter for the women and two for the men (there were four groomsmen and four ushers; also, we're all gluttons). Andrea and I made the drive, and despite being stuck behind slow drivers, it was very nice. The leaves weren't yet changing noticeably, but it was relaxing.

We got back to Tofte just in time, and we first stopped by condo #8, which is where the women were getting ready. We knocked on the door a few times, but no one answered. Andrea found someone in housekeeping who let us in so we could leave the food: one platter, a vegetarian sandwich for one of the women and a bag of condiments. We then asked if he'd help us get into #15 in case we needed it. (We figured everyone would already be there, but for some reason, they were gone from #8.) But when he asked, "Which #15? A or B?", we didn't know. The sheet I was given with instructions didn't say one way or the other.

Then a lightbulb goes off for Housekeeping Dude. We actually should be dropping these sandwiches off at Surfside -- which is a few miles down the road -- not at Bluefin. We unintentionally broke into some random peoples' condo and left them a veggie sandwich and a sandwich platter. I quick went back in and grabbed the stuff, and Andrea and I headed over to Surfside. As we're pulling in, I grab the stuff I need for the correct condo #8 -- one sandwich platter, one veggie sandwich one bag of condiments which... somehow... isn't in the car.

So to the folks at Bluefin Bay #8 who came back on September 10th to a random bag of Subway condiments amid all their stuff: no need to thank me.

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