Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Christmas Gifts, Part IV

Our Christmas traditions include spending Christmas Eve with the Nieters, Christmas morning just our little family, and Christmas afternoon with the Shireys. We don't really do any sort of formal gift exchange with my side, but lately we've been pseudo-randomly selecting among the six of us -- Andrea, Krista, Becca and their husbands -- for an exchange. This year, I made a gift for Abe. (Last year, I made a hammock for Becca out of used climbing rope.)

I decided I would start with a tall beer glass, and etch an 'A' into it using the same technique I did for Ryan and Jenn's Babbage Tech glasses. The result isn't what I was hoping for, but it wasn't too bad:

Next, I decided that he should be able to fill his glass, so I went to Coborn's and picked up a six pack sampler consisting of:
And I created custom labels for each one. At 96x96 DPI, they're very nearly the exact same size as the original labels with the exception of the Guinness label (Dagda's Irish Stout), which covers both front and back labels.

Added to the left is one of Christ's Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount.
Budai, Hotei, or "the laughing Buddha" is associated with contentment.

Dagda was a Celtic protector of tribes, associated with a bottomless cauldron from which no man left unsatisfied.
Shiva is part of the Hindu trinity: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector and Shiva the destroyer or transformer. Om is added to the bottom right.
Ra is the Egyptian god whose tears became honey bees. 1.2 Djas is roughly 12 fluid ounces.

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