Sunday, December 4, 2011

I always wanted to be a lumberjack

Today we continued what is becoming a tradition of going on a hayride with my parents to get their Christmas tree. We went to Tallakson's Tree Farm just down the road, which is where we went last year. This time, however, the Days came with us.

Dad drove the tractor, occasionally trading off with Reed:

When we got there, we parked and wandered around, looking at various trees:

Ultimately, we felled a mighty blue spruce, had some sense shaken into it (and needles out of it), wrapped it up and brought it back to my parents' house.

In other news, I recently finished the book House Lust: America's Obsession with Our Homes. While not particularly exciting, it was rather interesting -- particularly the discussions about how extremely oversized homes have become.

Today is Bodhi Day, so to commemorate, I am starting to read The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living.

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