Friday, January 27, 2012

After years, finally some sauna progress

It was years ago that we built the sauna, and I intended for a very long time to put on a facade roof with lanterns. I am now finally getting my butt around to doing this. The last few days have been prep work -- cutting the plywood to length, setting up the wiring, getting the right parts for hanging the lanterns, etc. Tonight I was able to put up the 8' sheet of plywood (with Andrea's help), wire and hang two lanterns. The remaining portion will be very quick -- probably finished by Sunday night (allowing for time for my gumption to regenerate).

Here's a poor quality shot of what it looks like right now:

Other recent developments include teaching the boys to use chop sticks (which, regrettably, required we go hit up the delicious Pacific Wok the other day):

And moving the boys into their shared (formerly Reed's) bedroom. Last night was not the most subdued evening for them.

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