Sunday, January 29, 2012

The sauna is basically done

Last night I finished* the work on the sauna, putting up the last piece of plywood and hanging the last lantern. That little star next to "finished" means I still need to position the lights properly and hide the wires, and there's also the matter of the closet that needs to be sheet-rocked and have a door of some sort hung. Other than that, I think it looks pretty good. It better, given that it's been sitting for years in an unfinished state.

When I was working on the roof a few days ago, Andrea asked me if I like working on projects like this. The answer was an emphatic "no." I don't enjoy doing these projects; I like them being complete. It's like running: I hate to run, but I enjoy the feeling of having run. Every so often, I will run not for the enjoyment of running (because there is no such thing) but because having completed a couple miles of running is a good feeling.

The completed* sauna.
Rock climbing, on the other hand, is very fun, and I enjoy both doing and having done it (past present tense), which is why Luke and I hit up SCSU's climbing wall yesterday. He bought a semester pass, which means he's sucked into a semester of weekly climbing with me. Awesome.

In other news, I picked up this sweet chair at IKEA when Stump was in town, which is now my awesome reading chair. Complementing it is the sheepskin that Roomie sent me a year or two ago and a wooden spool for which I dumpster dove. Free end table FTW.

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