Thursday, February 9, 2012

More game theory and more glasses

This morning I finished another book on game theory: Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life (Len Fisher). I also wrote briefly about another such book I read last year, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Game Theory (Rosenthal), which was rather technical, whereas Rock, Paper, Scissors was very much a layman's book. I actually enjoyed Rosenthal's book more -- probably because of the technical nature of it.

I find game theory rather interesting because it's a rather mathematical and scientific look at ways to solve real problems such as political infighting, anti-competitive behavior of corporations, arms races, and so on.

For technical people, I would not recommend Rock, Paper, Scissors, though if you want a pretty easy read on the topic, it's not bad.

In other news, Jacob is apparently getting glasses soon -- not a year after Reed got his glasses. I'll be sure to post some pictures and maybe even videos as we did with Reed (video one and video two on my YouTube channel).

The boys did well brushing their teeth last night and were so excited about flashing toothbrushes that I got a quick video of them:

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