Saturday, March 31, 2012

First motorcycle repair made

Yesterday I was finally able to take my motorcycle out for a spin. I ran to Coborn's for a quick errand and came back, then later in the evening, I went out for a little longer drive. About a mile from home, I noticed my speedometer gave out. Being pretty mechanically inept, I didn't know the first thing to do to diagnose -- I don't even know the mechanism or from where the speedometer gets its telemetry.

This morning, I ran to Coborns and back for coffee. (My motorcycle is a better grocery-getters than our Honda Odyssey, I think.) I parked the bike, went inside, and got some programming done. Then later on, I decided to rearrange the garage so I can access my bike from the third stall garage door. That's when I noticed a cable laying on the floor that definitely should be attached to the bike.

The cable put back into its guide.
I tested the front brakes, and they seemed fine. Besides, this cable has a smallish metal wire coming out of it -- definitely not the hydraulic cable of the front brakes. It didn't occur to me that this was the cause of my speedometer issue.

I found a repair manual online that I could download, and I scanned through the entire manual until, 90% of the way down, I saw a reference to the speedometer cable and a picture of what seemed to resemble my issue.

A few minutes of tinkering with the cable and I was able to get it back in its proper location. Then I took a spin down the road and saw that I now have a reading on my speedometer.

From as far back as I can remember, my dad showed me everything he could when he was repairing or maintaining vehicles. The problem is I never paid enough attention and never took the plunge into trying and failing for myself (which I think is a crucial component of learning new things).

To this day, I do my own oil changes, but that's about the extent of it. This minor victory is pretty awesome. It certainly helps that everything on a motorcycle is very accessible.

Now that's quality.

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