Sunday, March 4, 2012

For Christmas, instead of buying something for Dad that he didn't particularly need or want, I found plans online for a toy airplane. I figured the boys would each get a well-made toy and the experience (even if they don't remember it) of making it, and  Dad would get the joy of woodworking -- some by himself, some with his grandsons. Win-win.

On Saturday, we went over to Mom and Dad's house to assemble the planes. Dad had everything setup for us; the boys applied a little glue, gently pounded some dowels into pre-drilled holes. The things practically put themselves together. Dad worked with Reed, I worked with Jacob, and Abe and Toby worked together. (My parents very frequently include Toby on gifts that they make for our boys. They're very kind and generous like that.)

Reed liked having earplugs in.

The assembly line.

Jacob showing off the fuselage.

Three airplanes for three boys.

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