Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's not a zombie survival pack without a machete

I stopped by the Bloomington REI a few days ago with the sole purpose of buying a machete and some biners (as previously discussed). I've allocated two large and two small biners (and I have one extra of each size that I may throw in later), so I should hopefully be set in that area.

With a little practice, this could be me.
The machete is a Gerber Junior that I picked up for $20. It's a more dull blade than I was expecting. Definitely more useful for cutting firewood than for defense against the Zeds.

Okay, maybe not.

For now, I've temporarily located my gear in a small hydration pack bag that I picked up a few years ago from REI's scratch & dent sale. I expect I will need to upgrade the pack itself to my Kelty day pack, which has significantly more storage and webbing loops.

The running list for my pack so far looks something like this:
  • $2 for 10' of refrigerator hose
  • $20 machete
  • Two Black Diamond non-locking D-shaped biners at $5.50 each
  • Leatherman Surge multitool, originally purchased at REI scratch & dent for $12
  • 200' of Type III paracord; approximately $7 (1/5th of a 1000' roll from Cabelas)
  • Two small biners from Fleet Farm at $0.80 each
You'll note that it is not particularly cohesive -- just some staples. I expect it won't really come together for at least several more additions. Some of the next major points to hit are shelter, fire, food and first aid.

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