Monday, June 11, 2012

Memories of a forgotten hat

Last October, Reed and I went to Riverside, and we unfortunately lost his hat and mittens in the river. He still remembers.

Yesterday, the boys and I dropped Andrea off at church before the three of us went to Riverside Park. I wanted us to have some unstructured exploration since the weather was so nice, and that's just what we had. Starting off by finding some sticks, Jacob and Reed wandered around, inspected insects, and chased ducks and geese (multiple times).

We stayed at Riverside for around an hour, and they were happiest simply sitting on these rocks, talking to "Catery" the caterpillar, chasing waterfowl, and sitting on the park's benches and swings.

There are few things I want more for my kids than a love of nature. Cultivating that love on Sunday morning is a great way for me to end what was already pretty good week.

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