Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First day of preschool

Yesterday was Jacob and Reed's first day of preschool at Our Lady of Fatima, just a block and a half down the road from us. This is particularly special, I think, for Reed since he's not been to preschool before, though it was definitely easier for him than Jacob's first day back at Clearview -- he has the dual benefit of having gone through detachment by way of daycare as well as of having seen and heard of his brother going.

The Shirey boys enjoying a pre-preschool picnic.

Reed gets ready for the commute.

Starting the long haul to school.

The boys had a great day with Teacher Gina and their new classmates. They also have a newfound tree love of climbing thanks to trees large enough to climb (contrast with the 18" tall pine trees we had in Clearwater).

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  1. Lovely. Can't wait for my little boy's first day of preschool too. It'll be next year. :)
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