Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bachelorhood Journal Day 3

Day 3. Couldn't understand why I woke up periodically to the sounds of the drier running in the basement. I haven't done laundry yet (and maybe I won't). It turns out they make bathroom clocks awfully noisy these days.

Continuing last night's productivity, I went through most of the mail that accumulated, got more groceries, dropped off a check at the credit union, and made a copy of the house key for when I inevitably lock myself out or lose my keys. Now to find a place to hide it.

Otherwise, all day was spent inside the house programming or otherwise being lazy. Maybe tomorrow, I can make it over to Discovery Park for a walk -- my foot will cooperate.

I'm doing reasonably well at making actual meals for myself. I may yet survive this next three weeks. A lesson learned, though: corn tortillas will fall apart if you so much as look at them funny. Should have bought flour tortillas instead.

I also busted open the rather good coffee liqueur Mike & Carrie gave us for Christmas. It may not be snowy here, but it's at least a White Russian Christmas. It's an interesting change from the steady flow of rum & coke I had in Minnesota. Oh, how I miss Captain Morgan at $22/1.75L.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bachelorhood Journal Day 2

Day 2. Made it to work with a broken foot. Random fact: It's 798 steps from the corner of 3rd and Virginia to the elevator at work, 399 of which emit that annoying velcro-coming-apart sound.

Save for about two hours, I was the only person from my team in the office. Put in an 11 hour day and made some good progress. Made it to the bus stop around 6:30pm -- one minute after the bus left. Bummer. Had to wait another 30 minutes in the 45 degree weather, which was quite nice. But at least they decorate the streets:

So I made it to and from work safely without re-injuring my foot. Small miracles.

Cooked myself a simple dinner, made a latte, and I got some programming for fun in! It's been a very productive day.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bachelorhood Journal Day 1

Day 1. Had a good trip back to Minnesota for Christmas, spending time with both families, +Aaron and +Elissa, and even my former LexisNexis coworkers. All good things must come to an end, so here I am back in Seattle.

On the plus side, the weather is about 45 degrees warmer here than in MN. No need for my winter coat here. Or long underwear. Or a good, strong Scandinavian-sized beard. 

Spent much of my trip back to Seattle hobbling around the airport, up and down the jetway, and a bit in downtown Seattle. Got plenty of funny looks from otherwise sweet old ladies.

While in MN, we visited my parents' new lake place. The boys found some fun new headwear:

I ventured outside today to get groceries. Milk, eggs, butter, bread, low-fat alfredo sauce. Just the necessities. The world's a scary place for a dude with a broken foot, but it looks like I may just survive on my own until +Andrea gets back.

Travelling takes a lot out of a guy, so until next time, I'm going to make like Reed: