Friday, December 28, 2012

Bachelorhood Journal Day 2

Day 2. Made it to work with a broken foot. Random fact: It's 798 steps from the corner of 3rd and Virginia to the elevator at work, 399 of which emit that annoying velcro-coming-apart sound.

Save for about two hours, I was the only person from my team in the office. Put in an 11 hour day and made some good progress. Made it to the bus stop around 6:30pm -- one minute after the bus left. Bummer. Had to wait another 30 minutes in the 45 degree weather, which was quite nice. But at least they decorate the streets:

So I made it to and from work safely without re-injuring my foot. Small miracles.

Cooked myself a simple dinner, made a latte, and I got some programming for fun in! It's been a very productive day.

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