Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bachelorhood Journal Day 3

Day 3. Couldn't understand why I woke up periodically to the sounds of the drier running in the basement. I haven't done laundry yet (and maybe I won't). It turns out they make bathroom clocks awfully noisy these days.

Continuing last night's productivity, I went through most of the mail that accumulated, got more groceries, dropped off a check at the credit union, and made a copy of the house key for when I inevitably lock myself out or lose my keys. Now to find a place to hide it.

Otherwise, all day was spent inside the house programming or otherwise being lazy. Maybe tomorrow, I can make it over to Discovery Park for a walk -- my foot will cooperate.

I'm doing reasonably well at making actual meals for myself. I may yet survive this next three weeks. A lesson learned, though: corn tortillas will fall apart if you so much as look at them funny. Should have bought flour tortillas instead.

I also busted open the rather good coffee liqueur Mike & Carrie gave us for Christmas. It may not be snowy here, but it's at least a White Russian Christmas. It's an interesting change from the steady flow of rum & coke I had in Minnesota. Oh, how I miss Captain Morgan at $22/1.75L.

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