Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelorhood Journal: Day 20ish

Day 20. Maybe. I somehow make it out of the house every morning and onto the bus. So far, I've even made it to work. How it happens, I'm not quite sure. Residual rum from the night before. The promise of sushi (which I missed today due to two meetings sandwiching our soon-to-be biweekly sushi get-together).

I constantly have to remind myself that the locals fear the cold. I found myself on the wrong end of "how about this weather?" today when I responded - much to my chagrin - "Isn't it great! It's so warm out!" Apparently mid-30s is not, in fact, warm, but rather cold. This probably also explains why I get odd looks at the bus stop.

In other news, tentative plans are in motion for a trip up Mt. Rainier. Some coworkers and I are planning on hiking up this bad-boy this summer, if all goes well. If you look carefully, you can see Rainier in the background of this picture.

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