Friday, February 1, 2013

A dash of blue paint makes a big difference

The other day, Andrea discovered a Fred Meyer not to far from our house. I'm not too in-the-know here, but apparently it's a really big grocery + everything else store. She went to get us some groceries, and she came back with two gallons of mis-tint paint. Tonight, she went to work with the blue.

I took a before picture and was immediately photobombed:

So I took another one with a better white balance:

As is typical with our painting jobs, Andrea does all of it while I shower her with words of encouragement. When she was done, the result was quite good and very reminiscent of our bathroom in Clearwater:

(She also did the wall outside the kitchen, but I didn't bother with pictures.)

Tomorrow, I expect the weather to be in or near the 50s, so we'll probably go to the zoo with the boys. If I'm lucky, I can make some work on fixing my motorcycle just enough to get it to the mechanic a few miles away.

Edit: Here's a shot of the wall leading into the kitchen. The blue now really makes the doorframe and the built-in cabinet stand out.

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