Thursday, May 2, 2013

Caterpillar is with an "a", not an "e"

Yesterday was a pretty wild day for us. I spent the day in Bellevue, Reed had his first day of morning preschool, Andrea did a ton of running around and watched some friends' kids, and our boys adopted a caterpillar named, alternately, Catery or Caty (sound familiar?).

Their day was all sorts of crazy-out-of-whack, so I let them stay up for a little while in a misguided attempt to wear them out. We drew some pictures, played in the living room, read some stories, watched some videos of actors reading bedtime stories, and probably a half dozen other activities. I told the boys they had to say goodbye to Catery and release him outside. This sent them into terrible despair. There was much wailing. After about 45 minutes of intense negotiations, we finally arrived at the position of letting Catery sleep on the front patio outside his mason jar... with several notes the boys wrote to him, most of which were tiny, caterpillar-sized.

They finally got to bed around 10:00 -- two and a half hours after they usually are. One might suspect, then, that they'd sleep in a bit. Not so. Around 7:00, I heard Reed come to the realization that Catery was outside, and he immediately bolted for the front door, opened it and went outside, frantically looking for him. And he found him on one of the steps. How fortuitous! So this morning, the boys were taking turns gently handling Catery (Elissa would be so proud).

What is the appropriate color tie to go with your caterpillar?
Reed was so excited to be playing with his dear old friend that he could hardly stay still -- which is why I couldn't get a particularly great picture of him. But he dressed up for it, anyway, wearing one of my ties.

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