Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From the archives: hanging out with Sheryl Crow

Eighteen years ago, I met Sheryl Crow at the University of Minnesota. She came to visit the oncology ward, and I happened to be there that day with Matt. Some kind person had a Polaroid camera and snapped this photo of me with the Grammy winner:

I don't know who that guy on the right is, but everyone seems to be happy around Ms. Crow.
Just the other day, Andrea got her new scanners for the business she's going to start (professional organizing of your home), one of which is a high quality photo scanner, so one of the first photos I scanned was of this happy encounter.

Seeing this image made me think about time I spent at the U of M with Matt; of listening to Tuesday Night Music Club; and of my life (in generalities and specifics) during the 90s: very painful, difficult times and fond, nostalgic memories.

During the eight months Matt was in the hospital, I know that Sheryl Crow, Hootie & The Blowfish and Clint Black all visited patients and family members. (I've got a great picture somewhere of Matt and Clint Black that I'll have to find.) I'm sure there were many others, as well. It's great to stop every now and then and think about people such as these that have done small acts that have had a major impact on others.

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