Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall in Seattle and making butter

We had a late night yesterday due to us having company over. While the boys usually get to bed between 7:30 and 8:00, it wasn't until 10:45 or so that they finally got to bed. So this morning, we had some deviation from our normal Sunday. Andrea got up with the boys and let me sleep in, and we traded a bit later. After playing downstairs and outside for a while, I decided to take them on a walk. They got on their scooters and we went down toward the village, stopping by the tennis courts so they could play on the turtle and enjoy the fall leaves:

Jacob: "Dad, my cheek itches. No, the other one."
Reed: "My nose itches. Both sides."
For a full two hours, we walked/rode scooter, played in the leaves, went to Serendipity for a snack and play time, and made our way home.

After getting home, it was already past noon, so we grabbed some lunch. The four of us then got in the car, grabbed a few necessary groceries, then went to Discovery Park. I've been wanting to go for a long walk around Seattle's largest park for a while. It's been too long since I've been there. We took a different route through the park than usual, exploring different paths altogether.

This was the second largest walking stick Reed used.
 After perhaps two hours walking, the boys and I made our way to the beach while Andrea went back for the car. By now, Reed was getting a bit chilly, so he got an extra layer.

And we made it to the beach where we played; looked for crabs, sticks, mud, and other goodies; and we got our feet wet.

Finally, we made our way home. Earlier, when at the grocery store, we picked up a pint of heavy whipping cream. I decided today we would try the experiment of making our own butter, so I filled two small mason jars halfway, sealed them and we started shaking them like crazy.

Of course, I can't make homemade butter without bread to go with it, so our bedtime snack was straight-from-the-oven bread with salted, freshly-churned butter on top.

Today was a great day.

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