Sunday, October 20, 2013

Minmlist game, wk 3

This week, I purged a set of 27 pretty disparate items. The week largely started with things from my office -- which has already been pretty trimmed back, but quickly spread to everywhere else in the house.

Day 1: Three encased coin collections
Day 2: Two book safes, camping spices

cayenne pepper Laughter is the best medicine.

Day 3: Two carabiners and a stitch plate
Day 4: Male-to-male stereo cable, tupperware container, would-be micro camping alcohol stove
Day 5: Racquetball racquet, baseball glove, xkcd 'compiling' shirt
Day 6: Two Japanese-style lanterns and a Chinese wall hanging
Day 7: Express shirt, compression sack, extra bike helmet

With week four starting tomorrow, I expect I'll start paring back my wardrobe a bit and possibly hitting my hiking and camping gear again.


  1. I tried to send you a message on your contact page but hitting the Send button doesn't do anything. I've tried in Chrome and IE 10 so I'm wondering if the button might be broken.

    1. Hi Shanon, I took a look at the source code on the contact page and fixed a bug with it. Please try it again. If for some reason it doesn't work, you can email one of us directly (first name + last name at Thanks!

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